Lonely Cheating Wives Review

The Lonely Cheating Wives website has stirred up quite a controversy. It does help bring excitement into someone’s sex life if they think about having “hot sex” with a “cheating” spouse. However, is it ethical to even pretend about a matter like this? Differing of opinions are presented about this as questions are answered about… Read More »

Sammsoft Advanced Registry Optimizer

Version reviewed: Sammsoft Advanced Registry Optimizer 5.0Sammsoft Advanced Registry Optimizer – clean and fix your computer registry problems now for top PC performance. Features:Active X OLE COM Sections User Software Settings System Software Settings Shared DLLs Section Fonts Section Invalid File Associations Run Sections Sound and Applets Uninstall Section Virtual Device Drivers and Services Application… Read More »

DreamHost Review

Choosing a web hosting service like Dreamhost can be hard, especially when there are so many out there and all seem to be the same yet slightly different. To be honest, i’ve used a good dozen hosting providers, and Dreamhost is one of my favourites. Firstly, the pricing is fair. You get plenty of free… Read More »

InMotion Hosting

In Motion Hosting Rocks In the days of less-than-stellar customer service, I am always impressed when I have an experience where someone goes above and beyond their job to help you. With InMotion Hosting technical support, that seems to be the norm. I’ve been hosting with them for about 4 years and every single time… Read More »

When To Call After A First Date

In a dream scenario, you and a wonderful girl have just finished a wonderful first date. It was the kind of evening where everything went to plan, she laughed at all your jokes – even the bad ones – and you shared a modest, but magical, kiss goodnight. You’re left to walk home and enjoy… Read More »

Who Pays For Dinner?

Once upon a time, when the check arrived at the end of a meal, the man paid. This was a given, socially accepted and understood by all. But the onset of feminism has clouded the waters somewhat, leaving many men almost afraid to offer to pay for dinner in case they are labelled chauvinistic. On… Read More »